The Key Elements to Being a Successful Mentor

Providing opportunities for youth to learn from the success and challenges of those who have excelled in their field is key to creating the leaders of tomorrow.

The LEAP conference which originated in 2008 educates today’s youth on how to be successful by providing this valuable connection. Returning as a mentor in 2016 I was honoured to be able to impart the knowledge and skills I have to 12 participants from Israel, the United States, Australia and South Africa.

We gathered at UCLA for 7 days of illuminating discussions, speeches, and group meetings.

The students, who have recently graduated from university or are approaching the end of their university careers, gathered from all over the world in this merging of 2 very different demographics but with a shared goal.

For many of these students they have found themselves at a crossroad in life, lost on where to go, or unhappy with where they are at.

In a globalised economy, being young and lost only complicates the struggle to be a contributing (and happy) member of a worldwide society.

So as a mentor what are the key points when mentoring these youth?

  • Have an understanding of the kinds of decisions young adults make in their careers and why so many struggle to know what they want to do for a living. As a mentor, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the mentee.
  • Focus on skills and make the lessons concrete. Skills such as financial skills, study skills, image and presentation, emotional resilience, business success and communication. All taught in a way that is easily retained and related to their lives.
  • Remember the key to any mentoring is to guide the mentee on how to love and accept oneself firstly. At the LEAP conference, we were then able to move onto other skills such as how to manage time and money, how to land your dream job, and creating more success in your future.
  • Connect with everyone as a person first. At LEAP our first task was to focus on effective public speaking. This allowed for a great deal of practice with public speaking but as we split into smaller groups it also allowed us to make connections, network and build friendships that extended beyond the professional realm.
  • Set goals and track them. It is vital for both the mentor and mentee that they have an idea of where they are along the path. At the beginning of the LEAP we did just this and then later discussed the progress of our goals.

Mentoring Tips by Financially EmpoweredMentorships are really no different from other relationships, It is something that needs to be nurtured and you need to really click with the other person for the best success.

I am forever grateful to my LEAP mentors during my first year that helped me build the base so I could attend as a mentor in 2016.

That first year I returned home to my business feeling readier than ever before to empower women to be financially literate, self-sustainable, powerhouse entrepreneurs and career women who are successful and happy both personally and professionally.

Mentorship can be a difficult thing to come by. It was such a joy to be able to pass on this feeling to other young people and make a difference in their lives._DSC5891 copy

If you feel like you could use a mentor in your business and someone who can help you become empowered with your financials contact Grace for a complimentary consultation.

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