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Donation Africa SchoolI feel very fortunate to have all the opportunities in my life so one of my priorities is making a contribution and assisting people in need whenever I am able. When I learnt I could do my part to help  less fortunate children and women who have been orphaned and widowed from the HIV/ AIDS epidemic there was no question.

For most children, especially growing up in Australia turning up to the first day of school their biggest concern is arriving on time. But for these children from Africa basic school supplies are a luxury!

Education is such an important part of overcoming poverty so I knew this would be a really powerful way of making a difference. It was simple enough for me to collect some supplies and take them with me on my trip overseas.

I put the call out to my network and expected a good response but I was absolutely blown away with the amount of donations I received to take with me to Africa. People went over and above what I was imagining. People who I had never met turned up at my door with school supplies. It warmed my heart that these complete strangers would put their hand in the pocket and take time out of their day to make things better for children they would never meet half way across the world.

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I can’t wait to see the excitement on the little kids faces. The plan is to go to the school at the start of next term. They will get to experience what most other kids do – new year, new grade, new school supplies!

A big, extra special Thank You to every single person who saw this as a priority and played their part in this donation that I am so pleased to be entrusted with.

Grace Mugabe Financially Empowered

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