Making a meaningful contribution in business: Why volunteering is so valuable

volunteerblogWhen I stepped into becoming a small business owner one of the things I hoped to do was to contribute in a meaningful way to the community.

It can be tricky as a busy business owner who is already juggling lots of balls in the air to also donate your time and expertise for free, but I believe the benefits come in many ways.

Mental health

Volunteering stimulates the pleasure receptors in your brain and actively releases endorphins. Boosting your mood and mental health benefits your life in all areas but as a business owner it is vital to have a positive mindset.

Creating an impact

You can make life slightly better for at least one person. While that may seem small, how do you think it looks to someone who has absolutely nothing? To that person, even a small contribution makes a huge impact. You can quite literally change a life with your time and knowledge. And once you truly realize what you’re doing, and embrace it? Your life suddenly takes on an extraordinary level of meaning.

Creating a ripple

Generosity is contagious, I experienced this with my donations to Africa recently. Maybe you happen to mention that you have been volunteering your time or you innocently post a link from the charity on social media. Suddenly that ripple moves through everyone you have a connection with. The response from that small action could have far reaching effects for the people you are trying to help.

There are tax benefits

If you donate to a registered charity, you can write off any donated funds on your tax return. Paying a little less tax for a really good cause is always a great feeling.

A grateful mindset

Everyone is talking about showing gratitude for what we have. There is nothing more tangible that doing this by taking some time out of your week to contribute to the greater good.

Honing your business skills

There are places in each not for profits for a variety of skills and expertise but the great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in everything. Volunteering provides the opportunity to learn new skills and practice those already in your skill set.

Making business connections

There is a vast range of individuals in any one not for profit, it’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting connections that may benefit future projects both business and not for profit related. Who knows where these connections will lead!

Volunteering fosters a sense of community that can only be a positive thing in our world.

Amazing things happen when we join together for a common cause.

Grace Mugabe Financially Empowered


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