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When I was asked to be an ambassador for Behind The Brands I felt very honoured. I have known Megan Del Borrello for a couple years now and I know how passionate she is about women in business. This project seemed to fit her values and goals so beautifully that I knew it would be a wonderful success.

Megan Del Borrello Behind the Brands WA

I got together with Megan to ask her about the story behind Behind The Brands:

Why do you do what you do? What is it that feeds your soul and motivates you each day?

I have passion for empowering women and inspiring women and to impart my knowledge and experiences to female entrepreneurs, after facing gender discrimination from a previous male business partner that peaked after the birth of my first child. I want every woman who is considering starting a business, is in early stages or beyond to know that every successful female entrepreneur started somewhere, it’s a bumpy road but there is support out there.

Tell me a bit about your business or organisation:

Behind the Brands is a community for female entrepreneurs in WA. It shines a light on women in business in WA, as far too often they fly under the radar. We offer insights and knowledge whether you’re already an entrepreneur looking to grow your brand, or taking your first start up steps ready to launch your business, through articles and resources on our site and through our educational events. Behind the Brands supports women in their journey to success both in life and in business and equips them with the tools through education and experience to create a strong, impactful and successful business – with an added dose of motivation and inspiration! Behind the Brands is neither a networking group nor a directory.

Tell us a bit about your story – how did you start out and why did you choose this particular line of work?

I have over 15 years marketing experience, and was previously Managing Director of a Digital Agency. I also have a marketing company – Gloss Marketing Communications. In 2014, I started Gloss Marketing Communications when my daughter was 6 weeks old after I quit my job as Managing Director after facing gender discrimination. Going into small business made me realise that I was lucky I had previously ran a business as I knew how to set it up and operate, but there are women out there that have an idea or passion to start a business but have no actual business experience so what do they do? Also the fact that being in business is really lonely, it can be hard to connect with like minded women. I was also becoming fed up with the people I was seeing profiled or in the media, just because they may have been on a reality TV show or the like and wanted to profile and bring attention to the amazing business women in WA who are kicking major goals or those that are up and coming as they all too often fly under the radar. These are the women I admire. This led me to start Behind the Brands.

What is your background and/ or qualifications and how do they contribute to your business?

I studied Marketing and have over 15 years experience and am adept in both online and offline marketing. This allows me to be able to effectively market Behind the Brands. I also have a background in Business, which assists with the operational side.

Anything else you would like people to know?

I am passionate about advancing the empowerment of all women. Women face a lot of challenges that extend well beyond the pay gap, so when you invest in women, the whole community wins. This is one of the reasons I sit on the Advisory Board of 100 Women, a Perth based not for profit an am their Marketing & Communications Chair.

Megan Del Borrello Behind the Brands WA

You can get involved with Behind the Brands and what they have to offer in several ways:

  • Check out their blog which features the stories of many amazing women in business who are all based in Western Australia
  • Attend one of their Working Lunch events
  • Meet like minded women at their Mixers
  • Keep an eye out for their program like Peer to Peer Mentoring.

Check out their website:

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