Why I Travelled Half Way Around The World To Attend LEAP

During July I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend LEAP Leadership Program in the US as a coach.

LEAP is a non-profit education foundation that hosts an annual week-long Leadership Program at UCLA where students are able to learn from successful individuals who impart their real life experiences to provide a “7 year LEAP on success”.

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend on a scholarship to learn from some amazing coaches. Despite growing up in the US, I was still blown away at the scale and energy at the conference. Maybe it is just my years in Perth have changed my perspective but I feel like there is a special feeling at LEAP. It is steeped in positivity, motivation and a community that wants to collaborate and support each other.

I took so much away from 2015 at LEAP and it gave my self-esteem and business a huge boost. So when the opportunity came to return as a coach I instantly jumped at the chance.

The mentors and coaches I met with had careers and backgrounds in the fields of Education, Non-profit, Finance, Real Estate, and Business. They were from Canada, Western Australia, and the states of California and Georgia.

I was given a plethora of new information and insight from these experts on how to be a better businesswoman and how to further help future entrepreneurs and women with their finances.

As a Management Accountant who is passionate about the economic empowerment of business, Coaching makes up part of my services. LEAP was such a great opportunity for me to develop this further on a much bigger, international scale.

But in essence, the big reason why I was so eager to attend LEAP was to make a difference to the students, just like the profound journey that I experienced last year. I believe it is vital that we support not only the young people starting to forge their way into the business world but our community as a whole.

The young people who attend LEAP have the opportunity to meet with experts from fields they are interested in. They have the opportunity to learn from and pick the brains of the people who they most aspire to follow.

It was incredibly rewarding to be able to connect with students on the cusp of chasing their dreams and offer them so insights into my own success. As a coach it is an amazing experience to be able to help them find direction and solutions to the things that are holding them back from their full potential.

Grace Mugabe’s lifelong passion for financial empowerment led her to launching her own business, educating business owners and women about financial freedom. With a background in the corporate sector, and multiple qualifications including CPA, GAICD and Leadership, Grace provides financial literacy services for government, private industry, not for profit and community clients.

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